Miller: Derek Wolfe is like J.J. Watt

For Denver D, it's Von Miller's time

“Elvis did a lot of good things, but people don’t know about [defensive end] Derek Wolfe,” Miller said. “He’s like [Houston Texans defensive end and reigning NFL defensive player of the year] J.J. Watt. He’s a big guy who can have a big impact at the position he plays.”

It’s doubtful that anybody else in the NFL is going to make that comparison, but Miller’s mind is in the right place. He needs a guy like Wolfe to hear such words because he needs Wolfe to be a little bit more than the player who produced a solid six sacks last season. In fact, Miller needs all his teammates to step up their game a little more.

This is mostly a typical Jeffri Chadiha throwaway feature, but this bit about Wolfe is very interesting.  As Chadiha says, the comparison seems far-fetched, but in fact, Wolfe's rookie year had some resemblance to Watt's the year before.  Both players started out as being most effective against the run, and improved as pass rushers late in the season, as they gained experience.  

Qualitatively, I don't think Wolfe is as quick as Watt, but he's similarly relentless, and he does have a slippery ability to disengage and find the QB inside.  I've always viewed him as a 10-sack guy, and I think we should be looking for a jump to that level, more than expecting Watt-level production in 2013.

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