Mecklenburg: Concussion suit is only way to get NFL’s attention

Mecklenburg Compensates for His Memory Lapses

Mecklenburg said he would have changed his behavior had he known of the future ramifications of his head injuries. “Yes, each player made a decision to put their body on the line to play in the NFL,” he said.  “I expected the aches and pains I live with now. The problem is that the NFL systematically covered up and denied the long term effects of concussions when they knew that these effects existed.”

Mecklenburg’s intention with his lawsuit is not to seek revenge or to make money for himself, but to send a message to the NFL in the only form that he believes the league will hear. “What happened to me has happened and I understand that. But the NFL is a business and it operates on money,” he said. “If you want to get their attention. If you want to make them change. If you want the kid next door who’s playing football to know that getting a concussion is a real thing and a long term problem if its not treated right, the only way it’s going to happen is by lawsuits. That’s the only way the NFL is going to listen.”

It's great to hear from all-time Broncos sack leader Simon Fletcher (Meck is #2 on the list), albeit in alarming fashion - Fletcher used to show up at Dove Valley on Mondays "begging for his job back because he had no memory of the previous day’s game and assumed he had missed it." (h/t billyricky)

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