Maurice Clarett, U.S. Olympian?

Maurice Clarett Joins Tiger Rugby

Maurice Clarett has joined the Tiger Rugby Olympic Development Program in Columbus, Ohio. “He’s committed to try to make Rio 2016,” said Tiger Rugby director Paul Holmes. “That’s Maurice’s plan.”...

“I think the big thing with Maurice is the maturity that’s beyond a lot of other guys, just because of the life experience he’s gone through, and I think he’s learned to look at the bigger picture in life,” added Holmes…

“He’s a very interesting story of redemption. He’s a guy who had the world at his feet and he chose the wrong path as a young man, and he’s now basically finding himself, and over the course of the past few years, trying to correct as many mistakes as possible, and that kind of led him to rugby. He says that money is the last thing on his mind. I truly believe him.”

Obviously, he's got a long way to go, but this would be an incredible story. We're pulling for you, Mo. (via LBS)

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