Matt Russell is a candidate for the Colorado AD job

Colorado Buffs to discuss Mike Bohn's ouster; Broncos' Matt Russell wants job

One known candidate for the AD’s job is Matt Russell, a former CU all-American linebacker who is currently the Broncos’ director of player personnel.

A source close to the situation said Russell, 39, is interested in overseeing his alma mater’s athletic department. With the Broncos he is the top assistant to John Elway, who runs the team’s football operations department.

Matt Russell couldn't be blamed for wanting to go help his alma mater quit being such a bad joke in athletics.  Honestly, I couldn't tell you if he's a good or bad personnel guy for the Broncos, because it's hard to tell what can be attributed to his work.  My instinct says that the Broncos would be just fine if he became the Head Buff.

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