Manning: Rehab kept me out of the film room in 2012

Peyton Manning 'felt like a rookie in some ways' during comeback season with Broncos

“It’s nice when you have an extra hour or something you go watch some extra film or whatever. [Last year] there were no extra hours cause I was in the training room. My day was covered…”

As much as Manning tried to delve into the nuances of offensive coordinator Mike McCoy’s scheme and ensure that Thomas, Decker and company shared his sensibilities, time became an enemy. Though he put in exceptionally long hours, as per usual, Manning spent so many hours in the training room tending to his physical issues that certain staples of his weekly routine, such as film-watching and post-practice fine-tuning sessions with his receivers, tended to suffer.

Peyton's already said he's throwing the ball significantly better than he was a year ago; now he tells us he's back in his comfort zone, with more time to watch film.

If 2012 Manning was the weak-armed, underprepared, and uncomfortable version of himself, then what can we expect of him in 2013?

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