Manning: If I’m feeling good at 40, I’ll keep playing

Peyton Manning Q&A: Broncos QB details long road back, ambitions

Q: You think you will play until you are 40?

Manning: “I really don’t know. I take it one year at a time. My contract is really four one-year deals. I wanted to be fair to the Broncos. I don’t feel like I’ve put them in any type of a bind and I could go out there and play freely. If I can still go out there and perform and be effective, and still enjoy doing it, I will do it. I would like to think I will be a guy who knows when it’s time to stop. I don’t want to be a guy who hung on and hung on. I do not have a goal in mind of a year or a statistic. People might think I am lying, staying to break this. The most important thing is whether I can still play.

Manning's age 40 season is 2016; the final year of his contract with the Broncos. This is a must-read from Pete Prisco and Manning, who says he's throwing the ball "signficantly better" than he did a year ago, and he blames his own limited preseason road action for the disastrous start to Denver's Week 2 loss at Atlanta.

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