Manning: Gase works harder than me

Welcome to New York

“I really like Gase,” Manning said. “It’s a compliment to him. I like playing for guys that are smarter than me and work as hard as me. Gase is there before I get there in the morning.”
“He and I have a rule,” Manning said. “We can’t talk after practice on Friday. We say, ‘We’re not talking Friday once we leave, we’re going to our families.’ And so he said on Friday, ‘Call me if you get a chance. I have a good thought for a play around the 5[-yard line]. But I said, ‘I’m not calling you. You email me your idea, and I’ll voice-memo you whether I like it or not.”

This, from Peter King, offers a terrific window into the working relationship between Peyton Manning and Adam Gase. Let's just hope Gase really does want to stick around for another year.

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