Make room in Tebow’s heart for capitalism

Tim Tebow Nike Ad: Be The Hammer Or The Nail

Tim Tebow isn’t your prototypical NFL Quarterback…Actually he resembles more of a rugby player than a football player…Here’s Tebow’s new Nike ad — Be the Hammer or the Nail –I know there’s a Jesus joke somewhere in here.

I was heartened to see Tebow has other things going on besides religion and football--namely, making some straight cash money.

For a few weeks, I was starting to buy into the notion that he really was Mother Teresa in cleats. Evangelicals--especially in the employment of Nike--don't take vows of poverty, however.  

Looks like the boys over at Nike did their own version of banning Bible verses from Tebow's eye black. They've swooshed him.

Tebow probably hasn't made the connection between the sweatshops in the Philippines and Nike's ever-improving gross margins. I doubt it would matter.  

Corporations > Tebow.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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