Lloyd and Pats trying to overcome “Condon Thing”

Brandon Lloyd’s agent puts Pats on call

If the Patriots want to do business, in this case in pursuit of soon-to-become free agent wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, that’s all that’s necessary. No need for rapprochement, a political term that springs from the French word rapprocher, meaning to “bring together.” No need for a lovefest and no need trying to undercut him through backdoor whispering campaigns designed to convince his client of the need to fire his agent for a deal to get done in Foxboro.

“As I told him [Lloyd] last night,” Condon said, “if he wants to go to the team that pays him the most money, wonderful. If he wants to go to a team that pays him less but where he feels there’s better opportunity for success, wonderful. He’ll make that decision.”

Condon famously once said of his testy relationship with Patriots management: “We pretend there are 31 franchises in the NFL now and they pretend we don’t exist, even though we represent 140 (now over 160) of the best players in the NFL. That’s fine.”

Try to say the word "Condon" five times fast and see what happens.  Yeah, it happened to me, too.  And when the Patriots and Condon are negotiating, you probably ought to wrap up that Jimmy.  It looks like things get really naughty.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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