Little: Coaches and trainers ignored obvious concussion signs

For Floyd Little: Moments to Remember

Little had five documented concussions during his pro career, but he thinks there were many more. He recalled being hit so hard by Chicago Bears linebacker Dick Butkus one time that he mistakenly ran into the Bears’ huddle and didn’t realize his mistake until the Bears asked him if he was all right.

Little said he was hit in the head countless times, and when the trainers asked him how many fingers they were holding up, the answer was always “two,” and he would be allowed to go back into the game. He thinks the decision should have been taken entirely out of his hands.

“They knew,” Little said of the coaches’ and trainers’ awareness of the possible dangers of hits to the head. “They shouldn’t have let me play. My eyes were dilated, I was looking out of my earhole, and they’d send me back in.”

Considering what happened to Colt McCoy just two seasons ago, it's no surprise to learn of stories like Little's, given that he played four decades ago. Still, it's troubling.

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