Lisk: Manning’s quick release kept Chiefs at bay

Monday Read Option: The Kansas City Chiefs Cannot Touch Peyton Manning in Round One

After watching through the game, I am going with a heavy dose of Manning, with an emphasis (even moreso than normal for him) on getting the ball out of his hand quickly because of the sore ankle, with an assist to the receivers winning the one-on-one matchups with the secondary. You can also throw in Manning dominating the pre-snap read battle, so that he was often able to throw to his initial or secondary read very quickly after the ball hit his hands.

Most of the media's plaudits (including Jon Gruden's last night) have been aimed at the Denver offensive line, and PFF even criticizes Peyton Manning for not having completed many passes downfield on Sunday.

But as Jason Lisk explains, Peyton got rid of the ball so quickly that the line wasn't asked to do much, and given that his longest time holding the ball was 3.2 seconds, how could he have aired it out?

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