Lisk: Broncos and Chiefs are polar opposites

The Three Undefeated Teams: Hot Broncos, Cold Blooded Chiefs, But Are the Saints Just Right?

In an interesting contrast, Denver and Kansas City this year are each other’s most dissimilar team among all those undefeateds. To put that in some perspective, Denver has allowed more points than Kansas City has scored. The Chiefs have allowed only ten more points all season than Denver did on Sunday. Denver has a historically great passing offense, countered by easily the worst pass defense among the 43 undefeateds since 1990. Kansas City has a passing offense that is better than only the 2003 Panthers at this same point, in net yards per attempt, but in the top 5 in passing defense among undefeateds.

Not to be a broken record, but we'll wait to worry about Denver's defense until after Champ and Von have returned.

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