Legwold’s revenge?: Not all coaching pursuits make sense

Cowboys eye Monte Kiffin for DC

If Kiffin is hired, the Cowboys would be switching from a 3-4 defensive front to a 4-3, forcing pass-rusher DeMarcus Ware to play defensive end, with his hand on the ground for the first time in his career.

Kiffin resigned as defensive coordinator at USC, where his son Lane is the head coach, and expressed his desire to return to the NFL.

Jones, Garrett and Kiffin could not be reached for comment.

Andy Reid was interested in appointing Kiffin to be his defensive coordinator when he took over the Kansas City Chiefs but Kiffin was not interested in that opportunity.

Kiffin going to Dallas to coach the players they have there isn't actually too much worse a fit than a Peyton Manning/Norv Turner collaboration.  The Cowboys have CBs who are best at playing man coverage, and now they want to go to Tampa 2?  It would require a position change for DeMarcus Ware, and the indentification and acquisition of 2 quality DTs, and also a box safety.  It would also likely foreshadow the departure of OLB Anthony Spencer, which isn't a total surprise.  

I'm scratching my head, because if the owner wants to win now, a dramatic change in defensive schemes isn't the way to accomplish that.  This seems like chasing a big name, for the sake of doing so.  Maybe Legwold is right, and it is "possible" for the completely absurd to happen.

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