La Canfora: Browns are waiting for Gase

Browns not giving up on Adam Gase, Gus Malzahn as head coach options

There are no guarantees that Gase will interview, and, some close to him believe he will remain uniquely equipped to be the it coordinator a year from now. Considering he will continue to work with Peyton Manning in Denver—who set NFL records for yardage and touchdowns this regular season—and given how young Gase is, the possibility exists that a number of teams will approach him heavily next January, and he could have his pick of jobs (as was the case with former Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, now the head coach in San Diego).

It was reported that Josh McDaniels pulled his hat from the Browns' ring because he wasn't the frontrunner for the job. What are the chances they said to him, Josh, we really like you, and you had a great interview, but we need to leave you hanging until we talk with Adam Gase?

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