Knowshon Moreno: I’m running with my eyes now

Knowshon Moreno Says He Is No Longer Trying to Go Too Fast and It Has Been the Key to His Success

I feel better like I said earlier using my eyes and being more patient. The last couple of years I was trying to do too much and trying to run too fast and this and that and not let things develop. I feel different the way I’m using my eyes and letting things develop more.

For some guys, it takes them a little while to figure out the pro game. Remember, Knowshon was drafted following his sophomore season at Georgia, and even now, he's only 25 years old, with 605 NFL carries under his belt.

He's under contract with Denver at $1.7M next season, and the team holds an option on Knowshon for the 2014 campaign, although reports vary widely on its cost.

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