Klis: Broncos might draft another quarterback

Broncos Mailbag: Why Demaryius Thomas' contract holdout may not work in his favor

I can see the Broncos taking a quarterback in the second or third round. I think they almost have to with Manning playing this season at 39 years old and Brock Osweiler in the final year of his contact. Brett Hundley, Sean Mannion, Bryce Petty and Colorado State’s Garrett Grayson would be possibilities.

I'm not buying this, unless John Elway & Co. are less enamored with Osweiler than they say (possible, but they would have traded him, right?). As long as they see him as their QB of the future, Osweiler's pending free agency shouldn't be an issue. In that case, a summer or midseason extension would make sense for both sides.

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