Kacsmar: TD has better HOF case than Craig, Bettis, Little

Terrell Davis: Peak vs. Longevity

Finally, if the postseason and “precious rings” are as damn important as some want us to believe, then those people should be building a shrine for Davis as one of the NFL’s greatest postseason players. He was consistently great, with seven straight 100-yard rushing games (a playoff record), including a Super Bowl MVP performance against Green Bay. He rushed for 157 yards and three scores (that includes a game-winner) that night while battling a migraine headache. There’s your signature game requirement. In eight playoff games Davis rushed for 1,140 yards, scored 12 touchdowns, and averaged 5.59 yards per carry (another playoff record) to help Denver repeat as Super Bowl champions.

Can't say I love making a HOF case for Terrell Davis at the expense of Floyd Little (especially without accounting for eras), but Kacsmar does a great job of explaining why TD deserves enshrinement.

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