Jury deliberating in Cox rape trial

Jury gets case against former Bronco Perrish Cox

Cox did not testify in his own defense of charges that he raped a woman who was passed out at his apartment over Labor Day 2010.

In court earlier this morning, the prosecution played a video recording of the interrogation of Cox in December 2010, during which he repeatedly denied having sex with the alleged victim.

“I didn’t touch her at all,” Cox said, throwing his hands into the air. “She wasn’t even drunk.” After he was arrested by police, Cox asked the officers “I’m going to jail? Are you kidding me?”

In his closing statement, Steinberg said his client may have lied about having sexual contact with the alleged victim. “There may be a long line of distinguished individuals who did the same,” Steinberg said. “But that doesn’t make it rape.”

I'm sorry, but is Steinberg implying that Perrish Cox is a distinguished individual?

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