John Elway wants less sucking on 3rd downs

The John Elway Show (Part 1)

“I think that obviously he’s making progress week in and week out, and so I think that, you know, when you look at our third-down numbers, those have to improve, I mean, and that’s the bottom line…we can’t go 3 for 13 and win a world championship…Tim Tebow did exactly what we thought he could do on Thursday night, that when we get in tough situations, he’s a guy that’s going to be able to make those plays, he’s got the will and the competitiveness to do the things, you know, you can’t coach…and that’s exactly what he did on Thursday night…now if you look at that thing, the bottom line is defensively we played great defensively and the special teams were good because we were in the football game.”

There are a hundred ways to interpret and parse this interview (and I'm sure both sides will), but after listening to the tone of Elway's voice and the language he's using here, I came away with the distinct impression that John Elway doesn't care if Tebowmania is running wild.  John, a little part of a million evangelicals just died this morning, buddy.  I hope you can look at yourself in the mirror, pal.

Elway was asked directly if he is any closer to knowing who is quarterback of the future is.  His response: "No."

He did confirm a bias of mine, though.  When a team is less than 40% on third down, turn the lights out.  The party's over.

Thanks to my boy, magster, for pointing me to this interview this morning.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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