John Elway is the classiest guy imaginable

Tebow deserves respect, not scorn, for sticking up for himself

Even so, the Broncos wanted no part of Tebow as their long-term quarterback, and that’s fine. You don’t see me ripping the Broncos for that. They didn’t want Tebow, so they acquired Peyton Manning and put Tebow on the trading block.

The Jets and Jaguars made offers, and the Broncos did the classiest thing imaginable—they left it up to Tebow. They told him the Jets wanted him, and the Jaguars wanted him, and that he could choose. So Tebow chose the Jets.

Most of this piece is spent defending the Ultimate Teammate's™ refusal to play in the Wildcat (It's bullshit, of course.  If Cam Newton had pulled the same thing, white America would be petitioning Roger Goodell to give Newton a lifetime ban), but the Broncos (as they always do) somehow got pulled into the matter.

In this case, Gregg Doyel thought the Broncos were classy.  That might very well be the case, but I would have preferred they had cut a deal with the Jaguars.  Draft picks are draft picks, and although they are generally like a roll of the dice, the Broncos restricted--if even by a little--the available pool of picks by cutting a deal with the Jets.

Still, TYJE.

(Note to the UT™ Zombies who continue to email us that we spend too much time writing about Tebow.  The more you curse and whine and complain, the more we'll continue giving you what you want but say you don't: more coverage of the Ultimate Teammate™)

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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