Joel Dreessen: John Fox brought ho-hum element to Broncos

Joel Dreessen on Gary Kubiak: “I’d take a bullet for that man”

Saturday nights, when coach Gary Kubiak would speak, everybody in that room would get chills on their arms. We’d all go to team snack just all fired up ready to run through a brick wall for the guy. There’s an element of ho-hum to John Fox, where Saturday nights you walk out of there like, ‘All right, it’s another ball-game.’ You want to bleed for a guy like Gary Kubiak.

An elite doesn't team play much more listlessly than the Broncos did in SB 48 or last Sunday against Indy. As Terrance Knighton acknowledges, "The Colts came in with a stronger mentality." Whose fault is that? Now, if the answer is "It's on every individual player," then we might as well never blame a coach for anything.

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