Joe Flacco isn’t elite with regard to facts either

Champ Bailey, 'one of the greatest,' has Ravens' respect

“They’ve always been an aggressive defense that can get up and stop the run and has some good pass coverage on the outside and secondary and has the outside guys that can rush,” the fifth-year quarterback said. “Obviously, I don’t think we’ve played against Von and he adds another element to those guys being able to head to the passer and have a guy on each side and also be a very good player in the run. You guys are a good defense. They can do all those things—stop the run, get to the passer, cover the pass well—so it will be a good challenge for us.”

It's nice that Joe Flacco respects his elders, and he's right about Von Miller, but we're not sure what universe he's living in--one in which the Broncos have always gotten up and stopped the run.   In fact, here's where the Broncos have ranked in yards per carry on defense since 2005 (Flacco came into the league in 2008):

  • 2005 - 15th
  • 2006 - 14th
  • 2007 - 31st
  • 2008 - 30th
  • 2009 - 27th
  • 2010 - 29th
  • 2011 - 13th

If by "great" Flacco means completely "average" or even "ugly," well then, he's right on the money.   Lucky for the Broncos, this year is turning out to be quite different.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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