Jim L. Mora, just chillax, buddy

Mora: So-called tradition stops here

Jim L. Mora found out about the first one at UCLA - where seniors “go over the wall” to skip a day of practice - and he’s not happy about it. In fact, he made it very clear it’s one tradition that will stop the day he starts.  “It’s completely unacceptable and it will not be part of the program going forward,” he said. “It’s a privilege, not a right to play football for the UCLA Bruins. With the commitment you make when you sign on to play here, comes a commit to do what’s asked of you by your coaches on a daily basis. I can just tell you, in no uncertain terms, that that tradition will no longer be a part of tradition going forward.”

Now I know why Rahim Moore has been experiencing problems.  It's all because of this insidious "over the wall" thing!

Why so serious, Jim?  I realize Senior Skip Day is a slippery slope--skip a day of practice here, and eventually, we'll find you in an alley with a needle sticking out of your arm--but isn't it enough to simply end the tradition and move on?  Is there really the need for the over-the-top rhetoric? It's not like we're talking about a whole team of Maurice Claretts.  Just end it and it's done.  There are bigger fish to fry.  Pete Carroll didn't make USC into a powerhouse by getting all hardcore.  He did it by violating NCAA rules building strong relationships with his players.

I predict Mora is gone in three years.  He's proven before that he knows how to misapply the tough-guy shtick.  I'm just glad he didn't accept John Fox's offer to become defensive coordinator of the Broncos.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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