It’s not a BMarsh interview without someone going under the bus

Marshallisms: Bears WR on Cutler, anger, Twitter, fans and more

On receivers coaches:

“To be honest (when I arrived in Miami) I was like, ‘You know, I need some coaching. Right now I’m coming off my natural ability. I want a coach who’s played the position or played the game before, who knows and understands the receivers position. So they can take me and my world to a whole other level.’ I haven’t had a good coach as far as that receiving position since I’ve been in the NFL .... As far as technique and someone who understands the game, the last time I had a good receiving coach was DJ McCarthy in college.”

He's already dumped on every QB he's played with save Cutler, so might as well move on to WR coaches, right? Marshall's position coaches in Denver were Adam Gase (2009), Jedd Fisch (08), and Steve Watson (06-07), who of course played nine seasons with the Broncos, despite BMarsh's suggestion that none of his coaches possessed firsthand knowledge of the position.

Brandon also provides some insight to the supposed genius of Jeremy Bates, who apparently had Cutler and Marshall play sandlot football in Denver.

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