I’m not only the slot receiver, but I’m also a client

Did Wes Welker leave New England for Denver Broncos because wide receiver was embarrassed over attention brought on by hair transplant surgery?

In the race to sign Wes Welker, it was the Broncos by a hair. At least that’s the way Rhode Island-based hair transplant expert Dr. Ryan Welter sees it. The good doctor told GoLocalProv.com, a Rhode Island news website, that Welker bolted New England for Denver because he was embarrassed when the doctor who performed his hair transplant surgery a year ago trotted Welker out in a number of ads for his business.

“Privacy is important and when you tell the world that you had a transplant, that’s a lot of pressure to put out there for everyone to see when the helmet is off,” Dr. Welter said. “Better get it right the first time. I just hope the added pressure didn’t affect his decision (to leave).”

Hair or hairless, it matters not, as long as the ball gets in the end zone

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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