Here’s the real reason Matt Prater’s season has been overrated

Denver elevated Matt Prater to the Pro Bowl

On kickoffs, Prater was even more dependent on Denver’s altitude: Prater had 54 touchbacks in Denver this season and only 22 touchbacks on the road. In fact, Prater’s touchback rate on the road this season was 45.8 percent. Far from being Pro Bowl-worthy, that’s below the league average.

The Kool-Aid crowd is offended, of course, but here's the real reason: Matt Prater has had the benefit of kicking almost exclusively in low leverage situations this year, thanks to one PMFM.

ZOMG but 64 yardz! Sorry, but a 61-yarder to win a game (while trailing) for a team on the playoff bubble is more impressive than a 64-yarder before halftime, at altitude, in a 23-point victory.

Denver has only won one close game this year - at Dallas - and yes, Prater made a pair of big kicks in that one. In their two other one-score wins (at San Diego, vs KC), Prater attempted no field goals. Meanwhile, five of Baltimore's eight wins have come by three points or fewer, and four of them included longer kicks from Tucker. 

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