Geraldo Rivera is a dog-whistling wanker

Geraldo, Limbaugh use Hernandez case to rip NFL’s “gang culture”

Rivera gets a few things wrong here: Hernandez isn’t from the inner city, he’s from a middle-class subdivision in Bristol, Connecticut. Hernandez’s father died when he was 16, but it’s wrong to call him “fatherless,” as Hernandez often spoke about the close relationship he had with his father. Also, Hernandez’s agent didn’t get “10 percent of $40 million,” as NFL agents can get a maximum of 3 percent of a player’s income, and $40 million represents the total value of the contract Hernandez signed last year — most of which he will never see.

Rivera gets a few things wrong here.  That's the story of his life, isn't it?  The NFL doesn't have a gang culture; it has a lot of minority players, and the large majority of them have overcome a lot of structural disadvantages to make it to where they are.  On Bullshit Mountain, the talkers know that the viewers don't have to be pushed too hard to conflate other-than-whiteness with gang culture, and Geraldo is essentially projecting the apparent awfulness of Aaron Hernandez's behavior onto the whole league*.  Because he's a complete wanker, with a long and distinguished career of wankery.

*The whole league excepting Tim Tebow, because Geraldo shockingly portrays Timmy as being very wholesome.

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