Fun with graphs, 2012 Broncos edition

Franchise Visualization Updated with 2012 Data

The brainchild of Chase Stuart of Football Perspective, the franchise viz plots the offensive and defensive production, in terms of EPA, on an x-y plot for every team since the 2000 season.

Looking back to the 2000 season, the 2012 Broncos feature the best offense and best defense they've since had.

No surprise there, and also as expected, the 2008 squad had the worst defense, while the 2011 team was the worst offensively.

Remember how it was said that all the 2008 Broncos needed was an average defense and they'd have been contenders? That was true, but unfortunately for Shanny, getting to average was a long road to hoe.

According to this visualization, Josh McDaniels and Mike Nolan pulled that off, turning out the best Broncos defense of the 2000-'11 span, but of course, that came at the expense of the offense.

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