Freeman: Tebow has changed perceptions of Josh McDaniels

The Daily Shoutout: Josh McDaniels in new light

Tebow has evolved into a star and McDaniels is now getting a second look from teams looking for a head coach. Now, McDaniels isn’t a hot candidate. He is, after all, the offensive coordinator on a team that has maybe the worst offense in modern freaking football history. But that Tebow thing…I can tell you teams compiling head coaching lists have him as a person of interest and it’s all because of Tebow. What was once considered a farce of a pick has for obvious reasons put McDaniels in a different place, a better place.

It seems like yesterday folks were saying McDaniels the personnel guy got McDaniels the football coach fired, ala Mike Shanahan. Yet in retrospect and with the on-field success of Tim Tebow and the futility of the Rams offense, it's now the opposite. What a funny game.

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