Freeman: Elway, the football boss with a conscience

Ten-Point Stance: Broncos made the right move by cutting Orton loose

It’s been presented by some in the media that the Denver Broncos released Kyle Orton as a way of giving Tim Tebow a nice vote of support. Well, not quite…He didn’t brood or turn into a crappy teammate, but privately became increasingly frustrated with his position as bench warmer. When a rash of injuries hit the quarterback position around the NFL—from Chicago to Kansas City—the Orton camp went to general manager John Elway and begged for his release. I’m told the argument was made to Elway about the fairness to Orton sitting on the bench when there were teams with openings that could claim him off waivers. Elway was sympathetic and released him…So, good for Orton. He begins a new future and for the first time in a long time someone in football did the compassionate thing.

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