Former Bronco: Like hell we knew the risks of CTE

Former NFLer: "Every Guy Who Played Should Have Insurance. We Don't."

People that I’ve talked to about me being on the list to sue the NFL say things to me like, “You knew what you were getting into.” Let me explain something to you: The hell we did. The hell we did. I knew orthopedically that I would have issues. I didn’t care. But no one ever told me if I get a concussion and I go back in and show my boys that I’m a tough son of a bitch that I’m going to mess myself up even more. No one ever told me that. No one ever told me that that could possibly lead to CTE that could possibly lead to suicide…

I mean, every guy who played in the NFL should have health insurance for as long as they live. And we don’t. I think that’s the premise of all of us getting on this lawsuit, because frankly I’m not on the lawsuit for any money…It’s more to tell the NFL owners, “It’s time for you to stop treating us like cattle,” for example. “Or a piece of meat. You know, we put a lot of money into your pockets.”

You greedy bastard, Mike Lodish. You socialist piece of $hit. How damn arrogant of you to suggest taking money out of the pockets of owners trying to feed their families, who don't even have guaranteed contracts themselves--wait a second, I guess they actually do.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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