FO: Tebow would be a lot more popular with a Gumby haircut

Audibles at the Line: Week 13

Vince Verhei: However, both touchdowns left the Broncos down by two points, and they opted to go for one each time. I know there’s a whole quarter to go, and the Vikings haven’t let you do much on the ground all day. Still, your quarterback is theoretically a great goal-line weapon, and it’s better to be tied than to be behind. Anyone want to argue for taking the single point(s) there?
Aaron Schatz: Nope. I agree. I think it makes sense for Denver to always go for two. Probably Carolina as well… Denver in short-yardage situations before Tebow became the starter: 33-percent conversion rate. Denver in short-yardage situations after Tebow became the starter: 67-percent conversion rate.
Mike Tanier: I guess one of us should point out that he looked real sharp much of the game and found a lot of open receivers. It might as well be me.
Aaron Schatz: Yes, Tebow definitely did look better as a passer today. It helped that the Vikings cornerbacks kept waiting for safety help that wasn’t there, but Tebow did have to find those guys with accurate passes, and he did.

John Fox sure is fortunate that his team bailed out his gutless decisions to forego two-point conversion attempts to tie the game TWICE.

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