FO: Ravens not positioned well to take advantage of Denver’s few weaknesses

AFC Divisional Round Preview

But when they really, really need to run for just a yard or two, the Broncos get it more often than not. The Broncos converted 67 percent of runs in “power” situations (i.e. third down, fourth down, or goal line with 1-2 to go), which ranks ninth in the league. Meanwhile, the Baltimore defense, which has been great against the run for over a decade, slipped badly in 2012 and ranked just 26th in our rankings. The Ravens were also awful in those short-yardage situations, allowing opponents to convert 76 percent of the time.

It's single-elimination time, which means fourth-down decisions matter more than ever. We hope tomorrow's outcome won't hinge upon such a call, but if it does, know that the Broncos are actually very good in short yardage, and the Ravens are not.

Memo to John Fox: punts and field goals are for losers.

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