Elway: With two more titles, PM’s the greatest

Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos built from John Elway's experience

“If he wins two more championships, he’ll be, without a doubt, the greatest quarterback ever to play the game. So when I said that, for me, what I meant, that’s about winning world championships. He’s got the numbers, he has the stats, those will never change, they’ll just get better and better.

But for us to make Peyton the greatest quarterback that’s ever played, what will separate him, because now he’s in the conversation, if he wins a couple more before he’s done, then he’ll be right at the top of the list.”

So, Peyton Manning with three rings > Joe Montana with four, and Tom Brady with three? Certainly worth debating, and of course QBs shouldn't be measured solely by championships, else Terry Bradshaw be in this discussion.

But it's still a window into how John Elway perceives Montana, and he also gets in the obligatory implied swipe at Dan Reeves for not surrounding him with better talent earlier in his own career.

If Peyton Manning wins two more Super Bowls, who then will be the greatest QB in NFL history?

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