Elway: Montee Ball is a clone of Terrell Davis

Broncos Magazine: Summer Edition: Meet the club's 2013 draftees and read an exclusive Q&A with John Elway.

Second-round pick Montee Ball said he patterns his game after Broncos Ring of Famer Terrell Davis, your former teammate. Did you see that in him as you were evaluating him?

“That’s who he reminds me of, a little bit…When I was watching him run, he looked a lot like Terrell. He ran a lot like Terrell. We put his Combine numbers up next to Terrell’s and they were pretty similar as well. He just reminded us a bunch of Terrell. So hopefully we can get that same thing out of Montee that Terrell produced during his years.”

Sheesh, way to manage expectations...

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