Elway: Elvis’s salary is out of whack

Kiszla: Elvis Dumervil's clock is ticking, but Broncos aren't budging

These are the deals that wrench your gut. As an ex-player, I hate to see that. I hated to see that happen to a teammate. And I hate having to do it, in the position I’m in. But I’ve got to do what’s best for this football team.

It’s not all about dollars. But when it’s way out of whack? Then it’s so out of whack that you’ve got to say: That (salary) can’t be it. Especially when you look at the market and what’s out there now. It’s so far out of whack. Hopefully, he realizes that.

Daaaamn. John Elway was a cold-blooded killer on the field, and he's apparently a cold-blooded killer as an exec. The Duke is not messing around, and I love it.

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