Elway: 2012 Peyton = 2009/2010 Peyton

Elway says Broncos' Manning throwing ball better than ever

“He’s throwing the post route and everything well,’’ Elway said. “I went back and looked at film from 2010 and 2009 to get a comparison of Peyton, and he looks to me to be the same guy throwing now that he was then.

“The ball is coming out quicker all the time the more and more time he gets with the offense and getting to know all his receivers and tight ends. ... That’s always been his style. He’s never been the Nolan Ryan of quarterbacks anyway. He’s always throwns the ball with great anticipation and touch.”

Obviously humility is the more societally acceptable choice, but don't you wish JE would have said, "That's always been his style. After all, he's not me"? He also clearly was too kind to Jay Cutler when the then-kitten claimed to have a stronger arm than the Duke.

Now that John Elway's playing career is long over, how do you think he should handle comparisons to himself?

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