Eagles’ Wolff: I had no shot on Welker’s touchdown

All-22: The State Of the Eagles’ Defense

“Honestly, there’s not a whole lot I could have did there,” Wolff said. “I’m lined up inside and the only route that will get me is the out route. And that’s basically what it is. No lie, before the snap, I lined up, I said, ‘If he runs an out route, it’s a touchdown.’ That’s what I told myself, man. I was like, ‘I hope he doesn’t run an out route.’ And I kind of figured he was because on film, that’s what they did when they were in the bunch, No. 3 mostly runs an out route.”
“The thing is, Wes Welker, he’s the type of receiver to where if you’re lined up outside, he’ll run inside. Him and Peyton have option routes,” Wolff explained.

This is the same play Ted broke down earlier in the week, but it's great to learn what the player was thinking. Be sure to check out the article though, as there's analysis on several plays from Sunday's win. (via FO)

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