Dungy: Look for Broncos to let Peyton Manning loose against Colts

Is Peyton Manning hurt? Colts game will reveal truth

“I don’t think it’s his arm,” Dungy said. “It could be the thigh. It could be just the season taking a toll. I think you’re going to see the real Peyton Manning, whatever that is, this weekend.” Running the ball was a way to add balance to the Broncos game, Dungy said, nothing more. “You get down to the final eight, final four, Super Bowl, they’re going to have to throw to win,” he said.

Honestly, Peyton could throw for six touchdowns against Indy, and the story is still going to be about how he can't win at Foxboro, or against Baltimore in the playoffs. So whatever we "find out" on Sunday, a potential Broncos win is going to be followed with every annoying storyline we've all become accustomed to.

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