Dungy: Expect Peyton in broadcast booth in five years

Manning's future as NFL broadcaster, Fox's uneven college debut, more

“I would say he would,” said Dungy, an analyst for NBC’s Football Night In America. “He enjoys the game so much and it is a way to keep yourself involved. He would also be phenomenal. He has everything you are looking for. I joked with [NBC Sports executive producer] Sam Flood awhile back: If we hired him at NBC, it would triple Sam’s workload. Peyton will be so prepared and not leave a stone unturned. He would put 30 hours a week into it because he will want to be the best. Whoever hires him, they have to know what comes the territory. But if he did this he would be phenomenal.”

With Mark Schlereth, Shannon Sharpe, Terrell Davis, John Lynch, and IAOFM patron saint Tom Jackson currently covering the NFL for national networks, Manning would be quite an addition to what is already an ex-Bronco-dominated industry.

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