Dungy/Collinsworth: Chiefs have what it takes to beat Broncos

Tony Dungy: Chiefs have ‘perfect formula’ to play Denver

“I’m anxious to see (the Chiefs) play Denver, because they have the perfect formula,” Dungy said. “They can run the ball, they’re patient on offense, and defensively they can get pressure without going to maximum blitzes. They will give Denver all they can handle. I love that defense. They’ve got speed and athleticism and speed at every part of the defense.”
“If there is any team looking down the road you think may hit him a little bit, it’s the Kansas City Chiefs, the way they come after the quarterback. That’s the matchup. I don’t think it’s as much a shoo-in that Denver is going to knock them off because of Kansas City’s lack of offense, because of the way they’re going to be able to hit Peyton, or I think they will.”

The second quote is from Cris Collinsworth. Rodney Harrison, their NBC colleague, counters that none of the Chiefs' opponents thus far have winning records. Of course, neither have the Broncos...

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