DT and ED: Black and Decker

Decker and Thomas winning together

And how a white teammate from the far north, Eric Decker, has become best friend to a black kid from Georgia. (“Black and Decker,” they like to call themselves.)

You might become best friends, too, if you both had to deal with the joy and the hell of playing with a picky perfectionist like Manning every day.

“Our favorite,” Decker says, “is when he comes to you on the sideline after you screw up and asks you a question he already knows the answer to. He’ll be like, ‘Now, on the down and in, are you supposed to cut that up at 5 yards or 7?’ And you’ll be like, ‘Five,’ even though you both know you were at 7. And he’ll be like, ‘Oh, OK. Thanks.’”

We weren't particularly fond of the "Salt and Pepper" nickname, and while "Black and Decker" is still a reference to the color of Demaryius's skin, this is far more creative. Well done, guys.

Also of note is John Elway's claim that Thomas and Decker were a big part of his sales pitch to Manning.

Since we won't subject ourselves to reading Rick Reilly unprompted anymore, thanks to Reddit, via KSK, for doing so first.

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