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Is 2012 Peyton Manning's Best Season Since 2004?

Despite one clunker—the Week 2 loss to Atlanta featuring three early interceptions—Manning has been near or above his pre-2012 career averages all year long. He has been excellent with both efficiency and volume, with at least four above average games in all six statistics shown in the above visualization.

At this point, Manning is on pace for 3.29 WPA, 176.3 EPA, 4,848 passing yards, 39 touchdowns and nine intreceptions. The stellar play of Denver’s defense will keep Manning’s WPA below what it was in Indianapolis, when Manning’s play was required to win the inevitable shootouts created by a defense often resembling cheeses from central Europe. But his projected EPA would rank only behind his 2004, 2006 (Super Bowl championship season) and 2009 seasons; his AYPA only behind 2004.

None of us could have expected Peyton to perform at the level he's already reached so far in Denver. As for the reasoning (better talent than he had in Indy), well, we've been telling you about that since before the team even signed Manning.

With that in mind, now would be as good a time as any to revisit Ted's excellent series on the Manning offense. Now that we've all been intently watching Peyton do his thing play after play, week after week, everything Ted discussed there will make even more sense.

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