Denver coaches wowed by Tebow’s work ethic

Debunking the myths of Tim Tebow

The talk is instead about a man who is driven, who arrives early in the morning and leaves long after most of his teammates have departed…Now that he is in the NFL, his diligence is in improving his throwing and studying opponents…The hour doesn’t matter. It could be 9 p.m., maybe 10, but at some point every night the phone of Broncos quarterbacks coach Adam Gase will ring and Tim Tebow will be on the line. “I’ve been watching film,” Tebow will say. Then a string of questions: What happens if a defensive player moves a certain way? How should he go? And what about the receivers? Are there other options? Quietly, Tebow has dazzled the Broncos coaches with his deep understanding of complex offenses.

Nothing is more important than footwork. This is where the Broncos coaches believe Tebow will thrive next…For 30 minutes before every practice and 30 minutes afterward, they work on gliding back and stepping forward…What they couldn’t have understood before they drafted him was how much he would practice this.

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