D-Mac: Broncos targeted DeCastro at 25, whiffed on Martin with trade back from 31

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They were hoping that Dontari Poe, Michael Brockers or Dre Kirkpatrick would fall into their laps…the Steelers, one pick in front of the Broncos, snatch David DeCastro…Desperation.

Trade the pick back to 31 and reload…we’re gonna get our best running back – Doug Martin at 31! Phone rings. Tampa Bay wants to move up. The Broncos will get 36. Okay, not as much money – do it – we can probably now get a steal on Doug…SMASH!!!!! TAMPA TAKES MARTIN!!!!

D-Mac's column is a difficult read, what with the rapid, unannounced jumps between fact, speculation and opinion, and his frequent run-ins with the CAPS LOCK key. Yet it's no surprise to us that Pittsburgh's selection of David DeCastro prompted Denver's first move down the board, and D-Mac's sloppy retelling casts clear doubts upon EFX's claims that they had A) stuck to their plan B) gotten precisely whom they'd intended C) not screwed up the draft.

Here's what it comes down to: if you're going to trade back, priority #1 is to still land the player you'd intended, and barring that, you'd best get a commensurate return, meaning more than simply improving your position in the middle of the draft. Denver entered with seven picks and departed with seven players, and if we're to believe McKee's take, the only time Denver got their guy was also the only time they used their own choice. (h/t Alden Brown)

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