Cosell: Chiefs defense can match Broncos’ receivers

Greg Cosell’s Look Ahead: The Chiefs match up with Peyton Manning’s Broncos offense pretty well

At one outside cornerback, Marcus Cooper is 6-foot-2 and 192 pounds. At the other corner, Sean Smith is 6-3, 218 pounds. They match up well size-wise with Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker.

If safety Eric Berry is on tight end Julius Thomas, that’s not an athletic mismatch like it would be for other teams using a safety on Thomas in man coverage. And cornerback Brandon Flowers on slot receiver Wes Welker is not a mismatch either. The Chiefs have played more snaps of dime defense than any other team in the NFL, and that will help this week.

Here's where we point out that KC's vaunted defense allowed 810 yards over its past two games - 340 to Jason Campbell and the Browns, and 470 to undrafted rookie QB Jeff Tuel and the Bills.

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