Corry: Look for Decker to get plenty of cash

Agent's Take: Examining key issues for Eric Decker's free agency

After examining these salary metrics, Decker should feel comfortable seeking a five-year, $52.5 million contract, with $25 million in guarantees where $34 million is in the first three years.
Even though it’s a deep wide-receiver class in the draft, it would be somewhat of a surprise if Decker’s productivity, despite his weaknesses, didn’t land him a free agent contract from a new team in excess of Mike Williams’ deal with an average over $8 million per year and more than $15 million guaranteed.

We've seen some stupid numbers thrown out there, including Mike Florio's suggestion that Denver sees Decker as a $5M/year player.

Especially given the $133M salary cap, we're thinking Decker gets something close to what Corry says his agent should be seeking.

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