Concussions not necessary for players to develop CTE

Study Of Dead Football Player’s Brain Is Even More Depressing Than Usual

Damage may be caused as much or more by the low-level, or subconcussive, blows to the heads as by the big hits replayed on the highlight shows that leave a player wobbly.

“It’s the total brain trauma. Tens of thousands of subconcussive blows all add up,” [Dr. Robert] Cantu told The Associated Press. “You can’t draw a line between number of concussions and risk for CTE. You have to factor in the subconcussive trauma. It’s equally — if not more — important.”

Frightening, to say the least. As more research comes out, it becomes more and more feasible that linemen are someday banned from utilizing three-point stances and/or the size of the neutral zone increased, for the sake of avoiding what are today inevitable helmet-to-helmet strikes on virtually every play from scrimmage.

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