Clady making the case for Joe Thomas money

Snapshot: PBE, Offensive Tackles

While Justice has the top rating there’s always more interest in left tackles, so who leads the way there? Well, step forward Ryan Clady who is picking the right time to produce his best form with his contract coming up. He’s building himself a case for Joe Thomas-type money with the Cleveland Brown left tackle just behind him in the third spot.

For the record (or PFF's record), Clady has 240 pass block snaps and only allowed five total pressures.

How much of this will the Broncos brass and John Elway attribute to Peyton Manning?

It may not matter.  If the market perceives that Clady plays at Joe Thomas's level (and perhaps he does), he's going to get Joe Thomas money, which is more than the Broncos offered in the offseason.

Right now--and we're only six games in--Clady may have made the right call by not signing that deal.  Our advice to Clady in the next ten weeks?  Don't play pickup basketball.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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