Check this epic hit piece on the Ginger Hammer and his NFL

Absolute Power

Further, Tagliabue emphasized that Goodell had done the right things the wrong way and that, as an investigator, Goodell pretty much makes Torquemada look like the chairman of your local ACLU. By vacating the suspensions levied by Goodell, Tagliabue may have defused a number of the inevitable lawsuits, and created a kind of détente with the NFL Players Association. (The NFLPA might well have settled for any finding that just made Goodell look ridiculous, which Tagliabue certainly did.) It is devoutly to be hoped that Vilma, whose lawyer may never stop crowing from the rooftops, goes ahead with his defamation suit against Goodell, because the discovery process alone in that one would be surreal.

You have to love Charlie Pierce, especially if you're a fellow liberal asshole from New England like I am.  He uses his standard big/obscure words (like mountebank!) and employs his trademark rational thought.  Like the best liberals, he doesn't automatically reach the predictable ideological point that the players are "martyrs for union solidarity and the rights of due process."  They're no such thing, of course, and they pretty clearly behaved in a discreditable manner.  The NFL (and Brother Ginger) were far worse, though.

Read the article, and give it a thought.  It'll probably be the smartest thing you read all day.

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